Some reflections and art journaling via Positive Art Therapy from Hannah Klaus Hunter’s 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 Workshop, Still Point in a Changing World: Creating a Mindful Studio Practice- Read more!

Positive Art Therapy

As part of the 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 Mindful Studio Group lead by Hannah Kaus Hunter I took on the 21 Day Creativity Challenge- Still Point in a Changing World: Creating a Mindful Studio Practice

I decided to tie this in with the Creativity for Well-Being workshop’s theme of resilience and a commitment to engage in my own creative strength over 21 days.  I invited other workshop participants to join me on my journey and to partake in their own creative challenge for 21 days.  We did this in our own ways.  I chose to complete a journal spread while mindfully reflecting on symbols and icons from my childhood.  I thought because I enjoy working in my journal it would be easy to add something to my page every day. Although in reality days were missed I did complete my page over the 21 day period.  I did…

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