Sock Monkey Special Delivery Ready for Hoboken’s Boys and Girls Club

Wow– After a month and a half of more than 50 art therapists, art therapy students, and sock monkey making friends creating their delegates, the 6 Degrees of Creativity & Operation Monkey Service Project is ready to ship its special delivery of sock monkey joy.  With the incredible response received, we now have a huge delegation ready to go for our special mission!  WOO HOO!

Over 100 delegates traveled from 18 states across the US from Indiana, Rhode Island, Michigan, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Connecticut, Virginia, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Missouri, Maryland, Washington DC, Illinois, Florida and 4 countries: New Zealand, Canada, UK, and Italy (in route!) to come together before their final destination: The Boys and Girls Club in Hoboken, New Jersey.

NJ Sock Monkey DelegationStitched with lots of love, hope, and creative goodness, we send sincere wishes that these sock monkey friends will bring many smiles, hugs, and comfort to the youth in the Hoboken community as the Boys and Girls Club site continues to cope with the aftermath of Sandy and their on-going recovery efforts.

A huge THANK YOU of gratitude to everyone who contributed!!!! And THANK YOU to Chief Operative Lindsey & Operation Sock Monkey!


Those sock monkeys that may have missed delegation travel for the Boys and Girls Club Hoboken mission still will have important OSM work to do at another site for children affected by Hurricane Sandy with the New Jersey Public Schools.

Job well done Operatives- excellent work!


4 thoughts on “Sock Monkey Special Delivery Ready for Hoboken’s Boys and Girls Club

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