Postcards from the Pouch: August 2013 | Random Acts of Art Adventure Update

I am excited to share that the pouch for 6 Degrees of Creativity’s Random Acts of Art Project is safely back on the road for its creative travels!

Just this week, the pouch arrived to Sue in Oaklyn, New Jersey- Yes!

Postcard From The Pouch: Oaklyn, NJ  | Random Acts of Art AdventureHopefully throughout the upcoming month, the pouch can continue smoothly to its other east coast destinations!  The 6 Degrees of Creativity Facebook page continues to post updates as they happen…

Next stop: Lindsey in Medford Lakes, New Jersey!

Oaklyn to Medford Lakes: Random Acts of ArtI’ve also received some of the art that has been inspired by and has included the creative goodness sent in the project’s pouch.

Below is art inspired by the pouch’s July stop in Scranton, Pennsylvania to Rebecca Arnold at Cedar Crest College’s Art Therapy Program:

Cedar Crest College | Acts of Art InspirationRebecca was “very intrigued by the sense of community the art pouch presented and wanted to further that notion”:

Cedar Crest College had its “Welcome Back Festival” for students today and the art therapy studio was a designated stop on their “tour” of the campus. In the studio students were provided with scraps of fabric, markers, wire, and adornments including, art bits from the pouch.  They were encouraged to create a “hope or wish” for their coming academic year and then attach their piece to a wire mandala that eventually was identified as a “dream catcher.

The final piece represents for me the many layers of a college community (the fabric pieces) and the structure of the academic body and faculty (the wire mandala that is not seen) that can transform fears and uncertainties into life-affirming experiences.

Here are some wishes and hopes:

“To grow as a person”
“To find myself”
“To remain present”
“To make friends”
“To find and pursue my true purpose”

Cedar Crest College | Acts of Art InspirationI will be keeping this structure in the art therapy studio space as a reminder to students who were involved of their intentions.  In an attempt to pull the campus community together in a different way (through art making), I will be using the experience from this work to begin a program for the students that includes open studio experiences in the art therapy studio.  This will allow nursing, education, social work, math, art, and all majors on campus to benefit from a community space and connection across disciplines. ~Rebecca Arnold, Cedar Crest College

Cedar Crest College | Acts of Art InspirationThank you Rebecca for sharing this experience and the art created by students, infused with some creative goodness from the pouch! Wonderful!  I look forward to seeing more of the art inspired by and created with the pouch’s artsy stuff & good vibes…  🙂


About the project: A 8 x 6 inch canvas pouch filled with various artsy stuff, is mailed amound participants to make some creative goodness with…then the created art is given away in a random act of art to someone else!  The pouch gets filled back up with more creative stuff & then mailed again to the next participant to continue the creative cycle!  This project will have 60 stops over the next 17 months (more or less!) to destinations in the US, Canada, Italy, the UK, India, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia.


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