Acts of Art Adventure Finishes Tour in Canada, Heads to Midwest in US

The Random Acts of Art Pouch continues its travels and creative adventures!

Postcard From The Pouch Owen SoundThe pouch makes it through many winter road closures in Owen Sound, Ontario and arrives safely to Susanna!

Postcard from the Pouch: Edmonton Stop #1

The pouch’s biggest travel yet between two stops happened on this Canadian Tour: Owen Sound to Theresa in Edmonton, Alberta = over 2100 miles!

Theresa's Passport Book Page

Theresa’s creative contribution to the Passport Book inspired by words that fell out of the pouch…

Theresa's Finished Art

Art created from Theresa with the materials she received inside the pouch….

Postcard from the Pouch: Edmonton Stop #2

After traveling so far to get to Edmonton, the pouch enjoys another stop there with Rosann! Rosann and Theresa were able to meet up for a face to face pouch pass off… 🙂

Random Acts of Art Adventure Map- January 2014

Thank you to Susanna, Theresa, and Rosann for your artful hospitality throughout this month… January completes the pouch’s creative tour in Canada and it is now heading back to the US to share some creative goodness in the Midwest!

Don’t forget that you can follow the travels of the pouch as they happen here on Facebook.


About the project**: A 8 x 6 inch canvas pouch filled with various artsy stuff, is mailed amound participants to make some creative goodness with…then the created art is given away in a random act of art to someone else!  The pouch gets filled back up with more creative stuff & then mailed again to the next participant to continue the creative cycle!  This project has 40+ more stops over the next 12 months (more or less!) to destinations in the US, Canada, Italy, the UK, India, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia.

** Signing up for this project is now closed.

Random Acts of Art Adventure | 6 Degrees of CreativityIf you’re interested in art-based projects instilling hope, gratitude, kindness, and giving back to others through engaging in creative deeds, check out the Creative Deed Project starting this March as part of this year’s 6 Degrees of Creativity workshops. This workshop will feature a monthly creative deed challenge for participants to initiate and pay forward using their creativity!  Check out the line up for this year’s workshops and learn more here.


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