Everyday Creativity

This week’s 6 Degrees of Creativity online workshop highlight features Everyday Creativity, a virtual space committed to sustaining creative practice with ideas, resources, and supportive community to keep encouraging your artsy spirit throughout this year.

Everyday Creativity | 6 Degees of Creativity WorkshopWhether you are currently engaging in a daily creative practice through 365 art-making, writing, photography, art journaling, doodling, or have an interest in kick starting or activating more/new art making, this workshop space will offer a nurturing creative environment for this kind of inspiration!

The Everyday Creativity space will offer forum discussions, online community chats, and creative prompts to explore concepts and support one another related to creativity & time, space, routine, materials, and more.

Everyday Creativity and five other 6 Degrees of Creativity workshops all open on March 1.  I’m looking forward to the creative goodness beginning super soon!


6 Degrees of Creativity unites concepts of social networking, connecting, collaboration, art-making, and creativity into an engaged global community of artists exploring transformation and using art for good. 6 Degrees of Creativity is a self guided 10 month on-line workshop running until December 2014. The basic foundation of 6 Degrees of Creativity empowers the idea that we are all closely connected and believe in the potential to make a difference through the power of art and creativity in our own lives, relationships, communities, and world. 6 Degrees of Creativity will offer inspiring techniques, approaches, and ideas to participants related to exploring and empowering this theme.

Learn more about how to join this year’s 6 Degrees of Creativity workshops here. Registration is open until July 31, 2014.


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