Everyday Creativity: CRE8TIME

Last week I had the pleasure to meet and spend time with the President and CEO of the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA), Andrej Suskavcevic while visiting PeaceLove Studios in Rhode Island and attending the debut of their Mental Health Wellness Speaker Series.  Andrej was one of the Speakers and devoted much of his talk to CHA’s CRE8TIME movement, which is dedicated to reclaiming creativity:

“CRE8TIME is a movement to raise awareness for the need to devote more time for creative expression, and provide a forum for you to share your experiences – the joys, lessons, and results – with the creative community at large”.

 You can also get inspired by watching this CRE8TIME video:

I really enjoyed hearing Andrej’s message about the power of creative expression to create community, support, a sense of accomplishment, relaxation, and passion. Definitely a like minded message that needed to be shared with the 6 Degrees of Creativity community at large!

One of the many things I found super inspiring with the CRE8TIME movement was the online community and connection happening on their website. As described on the site, “when you use the #CRE8TIME hashtag on your social media sites (like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) your posts are shared on CRE8TIME.org so others can be inspired by your creativity.”  So cool!

In the same spirit of helping to sustain creative practice, over on the 6 Degrees of Creativity workshop site and Everyday Creativity there’s been sharing of mobile art kits & ideas for art-making on the go and creative space photos.

Here’s a photo of a recent art-making stash I put together for my spring travels:

Everyday Creativity: CR8TIME | creativity in motionI was motivated to use something see through/clear for containing everything (so it’s easy to find!)– but not the plastic ziploc bag I have often used in the past…. Around the house I found a small thick plastic rectangle bag that zips securely…. I think it was originally packaging for fitted sheets…. lol….

Inside this space I have a watercolor set and paperback dictionary, a glue stick (essential), 3 ink pads (Staz-On black (another essential), metallic gold, and an old yellow generic one), Smash Scissors, a couple of white Sharpie paint markers and black ink markers, a few rubbing alcohol squares (I am currently obsessed with using these to distress the ink on my magazine photo collage stuff), Chit Chat stickers, a pack of white Artist Trading Cards, index cards, washi tape, and a water brush. There’s also a little room left to stash some paper collage stuff in…..

I am interested to see how this arrangement keeps working out as I make steps to re-organize my art kit ideas and mobile art-making practice for this summer’s travels! 🙂   It’s great to see and hear more about what others use/do for this via the 6 Degrees of Creativity workshop site…. it gets the ideas spinning!

I also discovered this awesome board on Pinterest dedicated to travel kits and mobile art supplies for more ideas!  Love….

Keep on creating!  CRE8TIME! Enjoy the process!


3 thoughts on “Everyday Creativity: CRE8TIME

  1. HI Gretchen:

    As usual, a great, informative, inspiring post with lots of great resources. I think the mobile art kits really go a long way towards helping us to create in small bits of time and in different places. It was great fun seeing what was in your art kit. I’d love to see some of the work you created using those materials!

    I’m so glad to know about #CRE8TIME!

    Take care,

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