2014 Compassion Games: The Creative Deed Team

2014 Compassion Games: The Creative Deed Team | creativity in motion

I’ve signed up 6 Degrees of Creativity to be a team for this month’s Compassion Games and I am looking for people to join me!

Started in 2012 by Founder Jon Ramer, “the mission of the Compassion Games is to make our communities safer, kinder, more just and better places to live…the Compassion Games provide a social platform to translate these visions and hopes into concrete, real and tangible expression in the community for collective impact.”

The Global Compassion Games last for 11 days; they begin on September 11th and end on September 21. The Games are part of the 11 Days of Global Unity. They end on the United Nations International Day of Peace.

This year the Compassion Games has introduced an Arts & Culture League, which I think is a perfect fit for the spirit of what’s been launched with this year’s Creative Deed Project. In this online workshop, we’ve been using art-based projects for instilling hope, gratitude, kindness, & giving back to others through engaging in creative acts.

From the Compassion Games Organizers:

 “… you are invited to use the arts in any medium (art, music, photo, video, etc.) to spread and show compassion in your own daily life. Sing it, Dance it, Paint it, Feel it, Sculpt it… How do you express compassion through the arts?”

To participate on the Creative Deed Team: Each day during the 11 Days of Global Unity, I’ll be sharing a creative idea, prompt or inspiration for contributing to the Compassion Games with not only the 6 Degrees of Creativity workshop community, but also (via e-mail) with others who are interested in joining us on the team!

We can share our contributions and results to be represented on the Compassion Map through submitting a report under the team name 6 Degrees of Creativity. I’ll also be sharing our efforts at-large with the 6 Degrees of Creativity Facebook community.  The hashtag #creativedeed & #compassiongames can be used on social media to help promote our collective creative goodness during this event.

Let me know if you are interested in participating- Please e-mail me at 6degreesofcreativity@arttherapyalliance.org by September 8 if you would like to play and connect others to compassion through art!  🙂


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