The Random Acts of Art Adventure is Alive and Well in California!

Very good news to share about The Random Acts of Art Adventure after an almost 3 month hiatus in Washington: the project is alive and well again in California, finally making it to Paulette in Woodside– Yay!   I was soooo relieved and excited to see the photo below kindly sent by Paulette (thank you!) of the canvas pouch & creative passport, which arrived a couple of days ago from Olympia:

The Random Acts of Art Adventure is Alive and Well in California! | 6 Degrees of Creativity

Stop #49: Woodside, California with Paulette

Wow! What a long journey of creative goodness it has been, which is now going into its third year.  A dozen destinations remain and I can’t wait to see the adventure keep moving again to new creative spaces throughout California, in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, and back to Ohio.

I continue to learn and discover so much as a result of this process, its participants, and each stop the pouch visits, which includes revisiting lessons in patience, faith, trust, gratitude, and the power of community & creativity. I am so thrilled that the adventure is continuing onward and eagerly look forward to keep sharing its remaining activity and travel updates with you this year.  🙂

If you need to catch up on the past travels of the project, check out past travel updates here.


4 thoughts on “The Random Acts of Art Adventure is Alive and Well in California!

  1. I had wondered what had happened to our creative bag and passport. I’m so glad to know the journey is continuing! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about the journey from each individual and hoping maybe you will take photos of each of pages when it returns to you so we can all enjoy the finished project. Thanks again, Gretchen, for making all this possible! Peace to your heart, Sara

  2. So pleased to hear the journey continues. What an amazing thing you created Gretchen, thank you for being the inspiration behind this fabulous project, and thanks to all the people across the world have participated or are waiting to. It’s so magical to be the custodian of this treasure for a short while before passing it on 🙂

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