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The Art Therapist's Guide to Social Media

As 2017 comes to a close, thanks to everyone who was part of making The Art Therapist’s Guide to Social Media lots of fun to launch this year! Gratitude to everyone who helped, contributed to, and supported this labor of love. From Routledge, contributors, readers, friends, family to colleagues from the art therapy community and more- Thank you!   Looking forward to some book inspired happenings in 2018!
Author’s Acknowledgments (pp. xxii-xxiii):
First and foremost, I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the 13 teachers and mentors that have guided and supported my development – personally and professionally. This book is a labor of love, truly manifested by 20 years of connection, community, and creativity I have experienced within the art therapy field related to technology. This book could not have become a reality without the contributions and inspirations of so many on and offline. A special thank you…

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Creative Deed Project: “Art-filled Hope” Postcard Art Exchange

“When all else seems lost and steeped in hopelessness, the magic of creativity can still keep you going.” – Jyoti Arora

Earlier this summer at the national art therapy conference in Baltimore, inspiration for a new creative collaboration was sparked during a 6 Degrees of Creativity meet-up, as well as a focus group I led on social media’s impact on creative motivation. These initial dialogues resulted in art therapist Nancy Lautenbach and me to brainstorm ideas for a new creative collaboration. In the spirit of the Creative Deed Project launched by 6 Degrees of Creativity in 2014 and Nancy’s viewing of The Big Hope Show at the American Visionary Art Museum while we were in Baltimore, we are excited to announce a postcard art exchange called “Art-filled Hope”.


The project: Create 3 handmade postcards with original art that will be sent through the postal mail to three different individuals also participating in the exchange. You will also receive three postcards/art in return from fellow participants!  Participants are responsible for the shipping of their postcard art, which may include international postage, depending on the recipient’s mailing address. Postcard art should be mailed out by October 1, 2016.

Theme: Fill your postcards with hope inspired art to exchange with art therapists and other creatives around the world! We can always use a little hope in our lives, to release into the world and to others in the spirit of affirmation, courage, and possibility.

How to sign up: Please send an email to with your full name and mailing address. By signing up for this exchange, you agree to meet the project’s mailing deadline and to follow through with sending your postcard art to your assigned destinations. Please do not sign up for this creative collaboration if you are unable to commit to these expectations. Deadline to sign up is September 8. Participants will receive the mailing addresses they are sending to shortly after this deadline via email.

Participants involved in this exchange are also encouraged to email an image of their art, so it can be shared with the 6 Degrees of Creativity community on Facebook— filling social media with our hopeful messages and art for others to experience!

Some recent hope-filled resources to help inspire and inform your art making and ideas about this theme include:

  • How hope can help you heal CNN news article: The physiological benefits of hope on our well-being, including how community and the people who surround us can influence and spread its impact;
  • 5 ways hope improves your success Daily Fulfillment article featuring research and advantages that having a hope inspired mindset can have on well-being and future

We look forward to what the theme from this exchange inspires, the connection it creates, and as an opportunity to share and spread the power of hope through art!



Travel Update: Random Acts of Art Adventure Arrives Home!

Joy! The Random Acts of Art Adventure arrived back this month- wow! Thousands and thousands of miles logged around the world and many, many creative hands have contributed to this project since 2013- it been quite overwhelming to still take it’s artful presence all in- now here back in my hands- so grateful for everyone who was part of its long, inspiring journey…. Below are pics from its last few creative stops in Texas, North Carolina, and back here to Ohio:

Bethany in Texas:

Travel Update: Random Acts of Art Adventure Arrives Home! | 6 Degrees of Creativity

Travel Update: Random Acts of Art Adventure Arrives Home! | 6 Degrees of Creativity

Carolyn in Texas— who also wrote this great post about her experience on her blog Creativity in Therapy:

Travel Update: Random Acts of Art Adventure Arrives Home! | 6 Degrees of Creativity Travel Update: Random Acts of Art Adventure Arrives Home! | 6 Degrees of Creativity Travel Update: Random Acts of Art Adventure Arrives Home! | 6 Degrees of Creativity

Molly in North Carolina:

Travel Update: Random Acts of Art Adventure Arrives Home! | 6 Degrees of Creativity

Misty in Ohio:

Travel Update: Random Acts of Art Adventure Arrives Home! | 6 Degrees of Creativity

My plan is to photograph the beautiful creative passports that traveled with the pouch and put a video together of its creative adventure and celebrate all the amazing participants who helped make this project happen throughout its 61 stop travel route.

Travel Update: Random Acts of Art Adventure Arrives Home! | 6 Degrees of Creativity

Back @ 6 Degrees of Creativity Headquarters!

This journey of creative goodness was truly a group effort and could not have happened without everyone’s contributions, commitment, and participation.  Thank you!

More to come….  🙂

Cultivating Creativity, Connection & Community | TEDx Ursuline College

creativity in motion

I’m super excited to share my TEDx Ursuline College talk that went live last week!

It was an amazing opportunity to share my love of social media, creativity, and community building…. It was a great experience to talk about the possibilities social networking offers to connect all these passions together!

I’ve been able to creatively connect with soooo many through social networking– the art-based collaborations & gathering together that can happen online is always so inspiring!

Cultivating Creativity, Connection, & Community- TEDx Ursuline College | creativity in motion TEDx Rehearsal

Cultivating Creativity, Connection, & Community- TEDx Ursuline College | creativity in motion TEDx Ursuline College

TEDx Ursuline College TEDx Ursuline College

How do you use social media to cultivate creativity, connection, and community?

Check out all the TEDx Ursuline College talkshere.

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Random Acts of Art Adventure December 2015 Travel Update

The Random Acts of Art Adventure has finished 5 more of its final stops here in the US over the last couple of months!  Yes! The participants of this adventure’s tail end have patiently waited (with much excitement!) as this project has traveled around the globe for over 3 years- 🙂

Check out these captures (thank you!) as sent to me by Suzie, Lisa, Laura, Joni & Dawn:


December 2015 Travel Update | Random Acts of Art Adventure

The pouch o’ creative goodness visits with Suzie in Sacramento on its tour throughout California!

December 2015 Travel Update | Random Acts of Art Adventure

Greetings from San Jose!

December 2015 Travel Update | Random Acts of Art Adventure

The pouch arrives to Lisa! With the materials that were gifted to her, Lisa created small pieces of art to randomly leave for others to find!

December 2015 Travel Update | Random Acts of Art Adventure

The Random Acts of Art Adventure’s stash received by Laura on its last California stop in Sunnyvale

December 2015 Travel Update | Random Acts of Art Adventure

Stop #55 includes a creative visit to Grand Junction, Colorado with Joni!

December 2015 Travel Update | Random Acts of Art Adventure

Dawn in Midwest City, Oklahoma welcomes the adventure to her creative space!

As a re-cap on what this awesome canvas pouch has experienced and the creative goodness it and all the participants have spread, so far there’s been #56 destinations over thousands and thousands of miles. This project started in 2012 @ 6 Degrees of Creativity Headquarters in the US and another 30+ US stops, then traveled to Canada, the UK, Italy, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, and came back to the US this year for another 15 stops!

Over this time, participants have filled up the pouch over and over again with different art materials and artsy stuff for the next person on the travel route to receive and create art with for others as a gift of kindness, gratitude, and generosity.  Watching this creative chain and connection has been amazing!

If you are interested in learning more, you can check out all the travel updates from this amazing journey here.

Only 5 more stops left- 🙂  Stay tuned…..

Random Acts of Art Adventure: The Final 10 Stops Begin!

After an exciting, creative journey that has spanned over three years, over 50 different destinations, and 8 countries; the Random Acts of Art Adventure has started its final 10 destinations– Wow!

Random Acts of Art Advenure: The Final 10 Stops!


Random Acts of Art Adventure: AustraliaAbout the project** : A 8 x 6 inch canvas pouch filled with various artsy stuff, is mailed to participants to make some creative goodness with…then the created art is given away in a random act of art to someone else!  The pouch gets filled back up with more creative stuff & then mailed again to the next participant to continue the creative cycle!

** Signing up for this project is now closed.

Catch up on all the travel updates from this adventure here.

The Random Acts of Art Adventure is Alive and Well in California!

Very good news to share about The Random Acts of Art Adventure after an almost 3 month hiatus in Washington: the project is alive and well again in California, finally making it to Paulette in Woodside– Yay!   I was soooo relieved and excited to see the photo below kindly sent by Paulette (thank you!) of the canvas pouch & creative passport, which arrived a couple of days ago from Olympia:

The Random Acts of Art Adventure is Alive and Well in California! | 6 Degrees of Creativity

Stop #49: Woodside, California with Paulette

Wow! What a long journey of creative goodness it has been, which is now going into its third year.  A dozen destinations remain and I can’t wait to see the adventure keep moving again to new creative spaces throughout California, in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, and back to Ohio.

I continue to learn and discover so much as a result of this process, its participants, and each stop the pouch visits, which includes revisiting lessons in patience, faith, trust, gratitude, and the power of community & creativity. I am so thrilled that the adventure is continuing onward and eagerly look forward to keep sharing its remaining activity and travel updates with you this year.  🙂

If you need to catch up on the past travels of the project, check out past travel updates here.

A New Creative Adventure is About to Begin!

6 Degrees of Creativity Online WorkshopsIn just one week, this year’s 6 Degrees of Creativity online art offerings begin!

We are super looking forward to beginning this new creative adventure:

6 Degrees of Creativity Online Workshops

Dye Another Day: An Exercise in Using Nature and Art for Self Care | Sheila Lorenzo

Sheila Lorenzo introduces us to the exciting process of using plants and natural finds for paper dying fun.  A great technique to help us slow down, trust the process, and become creatively connected to nature for our own well-being.

6 Degrees of Creativity Online Workshops

Imagination Unearthed! Hidden Creativity Scavenger Hunt Challenge | Gretchen Miller

In this virtual scavenger hunt I’ll be offering, participants are challenged to discover the unseen creativity around us as a fun opportunity to take time out and see what surrounds us through this creative lens.

6 Degrees of Creativity Online Workshops

Reduce, Reuse, Reaffirm | Rachel Mims

Rachel Mims show us a variety of creative ways to re-purpose and recycle household items for creating mail art and offers participants the opportunity to exchange what they’ve made with one another!

6 Degrees of Creativity Online Workshops

Soulful Silhouettes | Heather Randazzo

Heather Randazzo thoughtfully combines the creative process with mind & body connection through this yoga and meditation inspired offering.

It’s wonderful to see the creative energy in this line up ready for launching soon!  We look forward to seeing what these offerings will inspire among the community of participants throughout the rest of this year!

Visit this page to learn more about each workshop and how to join us-  The creative goodness begins July 1! 🙂

Creative Deed 365 Minneapolis

Creative Deed fun this summer in Minneapolis….. 🙂

creativity in motion

Coming this summer…. Creative Deed 365 Minneapolis!

Creative Deed 365 Minneapolis | creativity in motion

This summer, the national art therapy conference will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota July 8-12.  I’ll be attending and also presenting, as well as keeping up with my creative daily practice of leaving creative deeds for others to find while away.  I thought it would be fun to see if other art therapists and art therapy students also planning to attend this year’s conference would be interested in leaving their own creative deeds and creative goodness throughout the event during these five days.  Wanna join in?

If you’re going to the conference this year, it’s easy to participate either as a Creative Deeder or Creative Deed Finder:

  • Creative Deeder: If you are interested in making and leaving Creative Deed Art, just make one for everyday of the conference and leave one each day in a random place onsite at the conference for…

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6 Degrees of Creativity 2015 Workshop Reveal!

6 Degrees of Creativity Workshops | Registration Now Open!6 Degrees of Creativity’s online workshop offerings unite concepts of social networking, connecting, collaboration, art making, and creativity into a community of artists exploring transformation and creative goodness. It is a self guided (which means you can go at your own pace!) 6 month virtual experience running from July – December 2015 that includes a collection of inspiring offerings, designed by a group of instructors from the art therapy community.

The basic foundation of 6 Degrees of Creativity empowers the idea that we are all closely connected in some way and believe in the potential to make a difference through the power of art and creativity in our own lives, relationships, communities, and world. 6 Degrees of Creativity instructors, who are all active and engaged in their own art-making practice, will offer creative expression to explore and empower these themes.

Participants will be able to choose what offerings they will engage in from the content they receive and this year’s 6 Degrees of Creativity offering will include a private online Facebook community to share, discuss ideas, post workshop art, and deepen connection around workshop themes.

Check out this year’s line up:

Dye Another Day: An Exercise in Using Nature and Art for Self-Care: Drawing inspiration from the outdoors, we’ll set out to explore natural paper dying & staining. We’ll need some art-space rummaging skills for materials you already have. We’ll also be venturing outdoors and taking mindful walks in green spaces. The first part of this creative task will involve some hunting, scavenging, and assembling skills. No prior dying skills needed, this creative endeavor is user-friendly. We’ll need a several cups of patience, a bucket full of mindful-awareness, and a dash of beginners mind for optimum results.  No cooking or drawing skills necessary. Final outcome will vary from one creative explorer to the next and can include ATC cards (of any size), post cards, paper decorating or prepping for an upcoming project. A great activity for those #creativedeed365 participants or anyone wanting to prepare several pieces of paper for later use.

cIdBcDfeMEKqZu5AoyyEw-GqkTtacRHJ-CZOr9a5_PAjN6vPcTqYiReZCTo9Kb_Z5pDboUFhwWkWaeE=w1250-h499Instructor: Sheila Lorenzo– Art therapist, artist, art educator, photographer and a lover of nature. Currently a doctoral candidate at FSU and employed full time working with clients who are chronically mentally ill in a forensic setting.

“I am a believer in dabbling in the visual arts and playing with the materials for self-expression and mindful contemplation.  Coming from a traditional visual arts background I know just how intimidating the visual arts can be.  I also know how important it is to cut-loose and get down to basics for the sake of self-nurturance and developing career resiliency.  For personal exploration and nurturance, I turn to expression through mandalas.  For a faster art “fix” I turn to mixed media in visual journaling and ATC cards; using whatever is near to make the expression concrete.  My most recent creative endeavor is my commitment to daily creations for participation in #creativedeed365.”

Imagination Unearthed! Hidden Creativity Scavenger Hunt Challenge: This offering will challenge participants to look at the world around us through a creative lens that we might not notice or recognize at first glance- perhaps hidden away, unknown and without attention. We’ll be uncovering creative finds in our ordinary and extraordinary surroundings through embarking on a virtual scavenger hunt!   Participants will receive a list of different items and concepts to unearth with our imaginations, capture through photography, and share with the community for months of inspiration and lots of new creative perspectives. Let’s go out and find some hidden creativity together!

6 Degrees of Creativity 2015 Instructor: Gretchen MillerInstructor: Gretchen Miller is a Registered Board Certified Art Therapist who practices in Cleveland, Ohio specializing in youth, women, and families impacted by trauma, homelessness, domestic violence, and grief & loss.   She is the Community Organizer for the Art Therapy Alliance, helping to promote art therapy, the work of art therapists, and build community through the use of social media.  In 2011 she also created 6 Degrees of Creativity, uniting concepts of social networking, connection, and collaboration into an online community of artists exploring creative goodness.  In her own creative practice Gretchen enjoys finding inspiration, creating positive energy, fostering self-care, and discovering transformation through working with mixed media, painting, collage, altered art, handmade books, and organizing art exchanges. Her blog Creativity in Motion frequently highlights her art, interests, and creative activity.

Reduce, Reuse, Reaffirm: In this workshop you will create a list of affirmations to help you accomplish change within your life. You will then learn how to use recycled and simple materials (from cardboard food packaging, collage, to acrylic paint, pens, and glue) to create mail art! You will learn several different techniques for creating mixed media postcards that are ready to stamp and mail to someone you know! The cards you create will focus on an applicable affirmation which either enhances your own journey, you can then send this card on to someone who may need a similar positive thought in their life; It is my belief that postcards with positive messages find their way to those who need them!

6 Degrees of Creativity 2015 Instructors: Rachel MimsInstructor: Rachel Mims is a mixed media artist and art therapist living in Waco, Texas. She has been making art all of her life, but her art took on new meaning while she was on active duty in the U.S. Army. In 2009, while stationed in Suwon, South Korea, Rachel had hip surgery. Her recovery did not go as planned and she used art to help her through this difficult time. This experienced led Rachel to have a desire to utilize art to help other military members and veterans. Rachel loves art journaling and creating and exchanging mail art. She is currently serving as the Veteran’s Counselor for Texas State Technical College and provides art therapy and mental health counseling services to student veterans and dependents.

Soulful Silhouettes: Our creativity is part of our soul, our soul’s voice. John Updike says, “What art offers is space-a certain breathing room for the spirit.” I love this! The breath and the spirit and art; this workshop combines these powerful things. We will draw on the power of imagination while exploring the connection of body mind and art materials. We will be engaging our minds and bodies by exploring yoga asanas with imagination, colors and textures, sparkles and fun. In this workshop you’ll be invited to learn and explore the potential and creative flow from body postures that yoga brings us with purpose and alignment, balance and expression of our soul’s voice. No experience is required with yoga or art making. We will be working with imagery and whatever art supplies you have around. Markers, pencils, paint, stamps, glue, glitter… whatever speaks to your soul is what we’ll use!

6 Degrees of Creativity 2015 Instructors: Heather RandazzoInstructor: Heather Randazzo is a Board Certified and Registered Art Therapist, and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the Chicagoland area. She is a Mixed Media Artist, Art Therapist, Supervisor and Educator dedicated to having a positive impact on community. Heather serves on Executive Boards including the Illinois Art Therapy Association Board as Director and Treasurer. She enjoys providing a space to create through her studio classes and creative workshops at Suncrest Studios in Bolingbrook, Illinois and in collaboration with a variety of practitioners. As a general out-patient therapist for more than fifteen years, Heather enjoys helping adults, couples and families, children and teens.

I hope you’ll make plans to join us!

6  Degrees of Creativity 2015 WorkshopsRegistration is now open here!