Call for Participants: Practice Random Acts of Art!

Here’s a new 6 Degrees of Creativity art collab to join in on!

Not too long ago I came across this canvas pouch by Pamela Barsky that has the words “Practice Random Acts of Art” printed across the front.  I thought it was an awesome creative goodness accessory to have and quickly made an order!

Practice Random Acts of Art | 6 Degrees of CreativityWith this pouch, I thought it would be fun to practice random acts of art together within the 6 Degrees of Creativity community.

My idea is this: our 8 x 6 inch pouch could be filled with various art stuff, mailed to a participant to make some creative goodness with and then the created art from the pouch’s materials can be given away in a random act to someone else!  Then the pouch gets filled up again & mailed on to another participant…the creative cycle continues until it reaches the last participant and then the pouch gets mailed back to me!

What do you think? If you’re interested, read on about how to sign up to receive a visit from the “Practice Random Acts of Art Pouch”:

  • Participants will be responsible for making some creative goodness with the materials (and whatever else you want to use!) sent in the pouch, sending a photo of the created art & selfie with the pouch for the 6 Degrees of Creativity Random Acts of Art Gallery on Facebook, and then giving away the art in whatever creative manner you choose! Participants will then fill the pouch with new art stuff to mail on to the next person. Each participant will have 2 weeks to create & then mail the pouch on to its new destination.

Until June 18, I’ll be taking sign-ups for this new project to generate a list of who will be mailing to who.  I’ll be checking in with each participant throughout the project to help keep things moving smoothly. If you’re interested, please e-mail your name and mailing address to to sign up & more information.

Please only sign up for this project if you are committed to following through. Participants are responsible for the domestic or international shipping cost of the pouch, as well as the materials you choose to include inside for the next participant. If you have questions or need more information or clarification before committing, feel free to e-mail Gretchen at the above e-mail address. Thank you!


13 thoughts on “Call for Participants: Practice Random Acts of Art!

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  2. Ooh. Looks fun, but I was thinking you filled up the pouch with something fun and creative and handed it to a child who did not access to those things and watched what THEY did with them…..

      • Thanks for your interest! The pouch does keep moving from person to person throughout the globe via all the participants signed up for this project- what you do with the materials you receive in the pouch is up to you— you can make art with these goodies yourself, have someone else make art with it- be creative and report back to group how you’ve used the materials and what you have done!

  3. Ahhh! I am so excited for this, i got the e-mail about it all starting up in a few weeks. Seriously can’t wait – IF anything i feel like this is going to be a wonderful little project, Like the sketchbook project and what not, I think there should be more community’s online wanting to do this!


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