Travel Update from Connecticut: Random Acts of Art Adventure

The 6 Degrees of Creativity Random Acts of Art Adventure continues!  Here’s some of its creative journeys from Kerry and Bonnie in Connecticut:

Postcard from the Pouch: Kerry in Somers, CT |  | 6 Degrees of CreativityKerry’s stash of creative goodness sent by Michelle in Springfield, Massachusetts

Postcard From The Pouch: Bonnie in Newtown, CT  | 6 Degrees of Creativity“The pack has finally arrived in Newtown, Connecticut! I just finished opening and exploring all of the creative material within it… fun!… The messages, inspiration, creativity and art pieces are wonderful. What a true treasure we are building.” ~Bonnie

Bonnie's Passport Book Page:  Newtown, CT  | 6 Degrees of CreativityAnother sneak peek into the Passport Book that travels inside the pouch to each destination.  Bonnie’s contribution to the book: “Life is the greatest adventure of all! Here’s to all the creative people who make it beautiful! Love from Newtown, CT….”

The pouch will be back on the road by the end of this week, with travels to Prospect, Nova Scotia Canada next.  Here’s to safe travels as our pouch crosses the border to its first country outside of the US!

Random Acts of Art Adventure: US to Canada Map  | 6 Degrees of CreativityTo date, the pouch has reached 15 destinations in 7 different US states (Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut) and will now enjoy some creative visits on its tour in Canada to Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Edmonton.

Thanks again to everyone involved in this adventure and to Kerry & Bonnie for the photos of the pouch’s recent whereabouts and contents!  I think it’s very cool that this simple pouch made of canvas continues to deliver lots of art, delight, and connection among us all!


About the project: A 8 x 6 inch canvas pouch filled with various artsy stuff, is mailed amound participants to make some creative goodness with…then the created art is given away in a random act of art to someone else!  The pouch gets filled back up with more creative stuff & then mailed again to the next participant to continue the creative cycle!  This project will have 60 stops over the next 17 months (more or less!) to destinations in the US, Canada, Italy, the UK, India, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia.


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